Better Fitness, Less Effort

KAATSU enhances athletic recovery, turbocharges your workouts & boosts your rehabilitation.

KAATSU is a unique, patented, and safe modality that helps people . . .

  • Easily tone muscles in less time
  • Increase strength without heavy weights
  • Improve blood circulation without breaking a sweat
  • Improve agility and endurance by moving slower
  • Burn additional calories even when watching TV
  • Improve sleep and reduce the effects of jetlag
  • Reduce pain from sore muscles and irritated nerves
  • Reduce metabolic syndrome with minimal exercise
  • Strengthen bones without resistance training
  • Quicken recovery from injuries and surgeries

KAATSU can be used by anyone to recover faster, improve fitness levels, and rehabilitate stronger. A Japanese “secret” for decades, KAATSU products have only been available internationally since 2014. KAATSU is a proven, safe, and effective way for anyone to improve their fitness anytime and anywhere. KAATSU Canada is your source for genuine KAATSU products.

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KAATSU C4 System

KAATSU products and protocols have been proven safe and effective for decades. Suitable for all ages and abilities, the KAATSU family of products are an ideal way to improve health, fitness, rehabilitation, and recovery.

KAATSU products are available for personal or professional use.

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KAATSU B1 Quad Version
Train Better with KAATSU

Improve your strength, speed, stamina, and mobility as KAATSU makes your brain think your muscles have worked harder than they actually did – at lower intensities and loads..

KAATSU enhances performance levels and improves overall fitness with less impact on the body by creating healthful metabolic stress, muscle protein synthesis, and growth hormone secretion that contributes to muscle growth and strength, speed and stamina.

Who is this for? Elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those trying to up their fitness level can benefit.  Learn More >>

Recover Faster with KAATSU

Recovery is a largely overlooked edge to improving athletic performance and long-term physical wellness. KAATSU functions as a low-impact warmup and a dynamic way to optimize your body’s recovery from activities.

KAATSU enhances blood circulation to help reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness by helping remove metabolic waste, to help your body feel its best in a shorter period of time.

Who is this for? Everyone from athletes to weekend warriors, those looking for easy ways to improve physical wellness. Learn More >>

Rehabilitate Stronger with KAATSU

The rehabilitation process can be slow and frustrating. Whether you’ve undergone surgery, are recovering from an injury, face physical limitations, or experience minor aches and pains, you want to recover as quickly as possible.

Incorporating KAATSU’s non-invasive protocols into your rehabilitation and wellness regime can enhance your body’s natural healing processes, speeding your overall rehabilitation.

Who is this for? People recovering from broken bones, sprains and strains, or who are dealing with chronic conditions. Learn More >> 

How KAATSU Works

KAATSU Air Bands apply moderate compression in short durations on the upper arms or upper legs. The pneumatic bands are controlled by the main KAATSU unit. This temporary and rhythmic compression leads to the safe engorgement of the limbs with blood. This causes a cascade of natural beneficial physiological reactions in the body.

Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, inventor of KAATSU, is the pioneer of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. KAATSU was tested for a decade on 7000 cardiac patients at Tokyo University Hospital and was found to be safe when used appropriately. KAATSU equipment and protocols are the safest BFR methods available.  Learn More >>

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KAATSU Morning, Noon, & Night

I often use KAATSU three times a day. Some people think KAATSU can only be used while working out. While it's great for that, you can use KAATSU for other reasons that that. Here's what I do with my KAATSU. Please note: before using KAATSU more than once a day, you...

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KAATSU Circulation 2: Hyperemia

KAATSU Circulation 2: Hyperemia

When I first encountered KAATSU, I thought it was pretty obvious that any circulatory improvements would happen while wearing the KAATSU AirBands. As soon as I took them off, everything would go back to normal. That's what I thought, and I was wrong. Introducing:...

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KAATSU Circulation 1: Mechanical

KAATSU Circulation 1: Mechanical

KAATSU systems consist of pneumatic AirBands® worn on the upper arms, or upper legs. These AirBands are pressurized and depressurized using small air compressors. When air is added to the AirBands, the bands inflate and exert pressure all around the limb, slightly...

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